About AFT Public Employees

AFT Public Employees represents more than 100,000 public employees working in city, county, state and federal government jobs all across the country. This is the most diverse division in the AFT with more than 4,000 different job titles represented in every major agency of government. While most of our public employee members work in professional, scientific or technical occupations, it is possible to find significant numbers of public employee members in blue collar and clerical positions as well.

As with all of the divisions of our union, AFT Public Employees helps to promote the economic well-being of our members as well as the quality of services they provide and assists public employee local unions and state federations to better represent the interest of our members. We do this by:

  • Assisting in internal and external organizing opportunities around the country and offering an annual training program that provides hands-on real-life training on organizing and mobilizing members around a particular issue.
  • Working to advance public employee collective bargaining legislation across the country and advocating for our members on issues such as pensions, healthcare and privatization. Part of the work includes a yearly state employee salary survey, which examines to what extent the jobs of state-employed professionals remain competitive and attractive, particularly when compared with their private sector counterparts.

The biggest concern for our members today is the current economic crisis, which has had a devastating impact on the fiscal health of state and local governments, on public employees and on the services they provide. With furloughs, layoffs and ever-increasing numbers of vacant positions, there are fewer and fewer workers to ensure that the vulnerable members of our society are protected and our neighborhoods are safe. Through the report “State Revenue Systems: Options for the Current Fiscal Crisis,” AFT Public Employees outlines an array of proposals to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of state revenue systems.

AFT Public Employees will continue to provide research and analysis on the current problems facing state and local government budgets across the country and provide recommendations to our affiliates to improve tax fairness and budget stability. The union is committed to the effort to bring about meaningful revenue reform for the funding of quality public services.