Step it up in July

KBEA is sponsoring a step challenge for the month of July. We understand that rising health care costs is a concern for all of us and for the most part we don’t have much control over it but one thing we can do is try to be as active and healthy as we can so we will need it less often. We hope you will join us is collecting your steps from July 1 – 31.

How to Track your steps: Most smart phones have step tracking included now but you would have to make sure you had your phone on your person at all times that you are moving about. There are many tracking options to choose from at varying price ranges that can be found at Fred Meyer or Walmart ranging from $5 to $130. You could get your own Fitbit Alta and step your way to getting it reimbursed! The choice is yours.


If you plan to participate please email Patti Hartley before July 1. In order to stay active in the program you will need to email Patti your step count 5 times:

Tuesday July 5th  for period July 1-4 (Active Holiday Weekend)

Monday July 11th for period July 5-10

Monday July 18th for period July 11-17

Monday July 25th for period July 18-24

Monday August 1st for period July 25-31


This will be on the honor system so please play fair!

There will be weekly updates as to how everyone is doing, so lets get stepping our way to a healthier membership!